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Madonna and Hillary: ‘Witch’ and ‘Nasty Woman’ as Sisters in Arms

Caryn Ganz and Patrick Healy, New York Times – December 11, 2016

Madonna and Mrs. Clinton: both trailblazers, both polarizing figures, and both attacked for actions, choices and behavior that are broadly accepted — even applauded — when done by their male peers. Madonna herself made a connection between the two women before her speech Friday, saying it was “really important to make a stand and speak my mind” about women’s rights after Mrs. Clinton’s loss in November.

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Can You be a Feminist and Vote for Donald Trump? Yes, You Can

Carmen Fishwick, The Guardian – November 17, 2016

A man who uses misogynistic language and has been accused of sexual assault is soon to become the 45th president of the United States of America. For feminists desperate to see the country’s first female president, the result was devastating: how could someone with such disregard for women’s rights become leader?

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Let’s Not Overlook the Feminist Triumph of Clinton’s Run

Clinton ultimately failed to crack the highest glass ceiling. Rather than publishing stories about a milestone for women, a triumph for feminism, and the historic legacy for women in politics, the press this week had to switch to the shock of the Trump victory, the potential threat of his presidency, and Clinton’s failings.

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Thousands of Women Are Planning to March on D.C. When Trump Takes Office

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – November 11, 2016

On Tuesday night, women who had supported Hillary Clinton watched in horror as Donald Trump earned enough electoral votes to be named president-elect of the United States. “Trump’s win felt like a personal attack,” Colette Sartor told the Cut. “I honestly thought … all the sexual harassment he’s so casually committed would matter.” Now, just a few days after the election, women across the country are coming together to organize a Women’s March on Washington the weekend Trump is sworn in as president.

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This is How Much America Hates Women

Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed – November 9, 2016

Trump’s win is an endorsement of racism, a validation of bigotry, a confirmation that nearly half of Americans would like a man who does not believe in equal rights, and, at least until he won, the sanctity of the democratic process, to lead our country. And hovering over all of those beliefs is a stark truth: the way Donald Trump has talked about, allegedly acted toward, and fundamentally conceived of women is the way that the majority of Americans conceive of women.

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The Sexual-Assault Election

Jeannie Suk Gersen, New Yorker – November 6, 2016

In a strange triumph for feminists, the election that may give us our first female President has brought extraordinary attention to women’s sexual victimization. The election turned in Hillary Clinton’s favor, perhaps decisively, when footage emerged of Donald Trump bragging about assaulting women.

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Teen Girls Say Hillary Clinton Inspires Them and Donald Trump Makes Them Feel Insecure

Charlotte Alter, Time Magazine – November 4, 2016

Even if they can’t vote, teenage girls are closely following this election. And many say Hillary Clinton makes them feel better, while Donald Trump makes them feel worse. According to an online poll conducted for the New York Times, nearly a quarter of teenage girls say Clinton’s candidacy has encouraged them to seek leadership positions, but nearly half say Trump’s comments have negatively affected the way they think about their bodies.

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Hillary, Donald, and Womanhood

Daniel Lombroso, The Atlantic – November 3, 2016

Conversation around gender has been at the forefront of the 2016 election. In the midst of the sometimes hostile dialogue, two separate views of a woman’s role in society have emerged. The Atlantic traveled to women’s rallies for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to poll supporters about their views on feminism and womanhood, in their own words.

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Hostility Toward Women is One of the Strongest Predictors of Trump Support

Since the start of the Republican primaries, hundreds of thousands of words and hours of television airtime have been devoted to one question: What do Donald Trump’s supporters want? Three political scientists who studied the connection between sexism, emotions, and support for Trump found that the more hostile voters were toward women, the more likely they were to support Trump.

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