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Carly Fiorina’s Claims of Motherhood and Amazing Rise Under Fire

Laura Collins, Daily Mail UK – July 15, 2015

She has staked her claim to the American dream on her rise from secretary to CEO and made it the platform from which she has launched countless speeches as a would-be presidential candidate. But now Carly Fiorina’s story has been put in doubt by the man she was with at the very start of her rise.

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Gender Expectations and the Presidential Partnership

Yesterday, Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president of the United States. But it isn’t only Jeb who will be under the electoral microscope for the next 18 months. Profiles of his wife have already surfaced, with the latest coming in this month’s Atlantic, where Hannah Rosin describes Columba Bush’s aversion to the spotlight and calls her the “anti-Clare Underwood” as a far less extroverted and involved political spouse. Columba Bush is not the only political spouse earning attention in the 2016 race. Kelley Paul has earned much attention already, The Washington Post profiled Frank Fiorina in May, and Bill Clinton’s role and influence have been repeatedly debated in print and on TV.

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Does an Unmarried President Still Need a First Lady?

Colby Itkowitz, Washington Post – June 10, 2015

But why does an unmarried president even need one (or in Graham’s case, several)? Does the country still require a stand-in hostess at social events? Or a singular person to use the national platform to adopt a cause widely considered serious, but not serious enough for the president to undertake?

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Expert Says Chelsea Clinton May be America’s Next First Lady

Andrew Tavani, New York Times – May 13, 2015

The next first lady of the United States could be a former first daughter, a prominent White House expert says. C-SPAN co-CEO Susan Swain predicts that if Hillary Clinton locks up the Democratic nomination and prevails in the general election, Chelsea Clinton will assume the role of first lady instead of Bill Clinton wearing that hat.

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