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‘It’s Not Right’: Mothers and Daughters See Own Struggles Reflected in Hillary Clinton

Megan Carpentier, The Guardian – October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton made much of her relationship with her mother and daughter when she launched her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2015. A year later, before she took the stage at the 2016 Democratic convention to accept that nomination, she was introduced by her daughter, along with a short, Shonda Rhimes-directed video that delved into her relationship with her mother.

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Ivanka Trump’s Advice for Working Women

Kate Shellnutt, Vox – September 6, 2016

I chatted with 20 of these loyal readers and half a dozen of Trump’s Women Who Work partners, in addition to perusing every post on her site from the past four months. IvankaTrump.com hits the major millennial touchstones: a page of inspirational quotes ready to be pinned and Instagrammed; pretty images paired with each daily post; and taglines that reference adulting, life hacks, and mompreneurs.

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Donald Trump’s Wife And Daughter Tell Him To ‘Act Presidential,’ He Claims

Daniel Marans, Huffington Post – March 19, 2016

Donald Trump said his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka have asked him to “act presidential,” but he is having trouble listening to them. “My wife and my daughter Ivanka said to me, ‘Act presidential! Act presidential!’” Trump told supporters at a rally outside Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday. “Like in the last debate, I acted presidential, OK? I didn’t hit little Marco and I didn’t hit lyin, lyin, lyin Ted.”

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Bernie Sanders Releases Riveting Ad Featuring Daughter of Police Chokehold Victim Eric Garner

Adam Edelman, New York Daily News – February 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders has released a dramatic new ad featuring an impassioned plea by Erica Garner, the daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner, for Americans to vote for the surging progressive presidential candidate.

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A Key Reason Young People Don’t Support Hillary Clinton? They Don’t Have Daughters.

Michael Tesler, The Washington Post – February 11, 2016

Young parents of daughters are between 21 and 48 percentage points more likely to support Hillary Clinton than young parents of only sons (after accounting for their total number of children).  By contrast, the daughter effect on Clinton support for parents ages 30 and older is between 5 and 13 points.

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Parents of Daughters Support Hillary Clinton More than Parents of Sons

Michael Tesler, The Washington Post – January 5, 2016

The first columns of the display, in fact, shows that parents of daughters are 14 percentage points more likely to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries than parents of only sons.  The error bars in the figure suggest that the effect of having a daughter on support for Clinton is somewhere between 8 and 20 percentage points.

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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Show Why Ben Carson Might Not Win Women’s Votes

Hillary Kelly, Glamour – December 3, 2015

This week, the State Department released another batch of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton while secretary of state. In an email from August 20, 2012, Philippe Reines, one of Clinton’s top advisers, sent the secretary and her daughter, Chelsea, (called “H” and “Diane Reynolds” in the email) a rather funny, unsolicited piece of analysis as to why Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy was doomed to fail: He has no daughters. While Romney’s five sons actively campaigned for their father on the trail, he had precedent against him. “It has been half a century since we’ve had a president without a daughter,” Reines wrote in the email. “It’s happened only once in the past 80 years.”

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