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Gen. Allen: ‘No Question’ Troops will Follow Woman Commander in Chief

Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News – July 28, 2016

Retired four-star Marine Gen. John Allen, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, told Yahoo News in a Thursday interview that there is “no question” that American troops will take orders from a woman commander in chief.

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Clinton Nods to Trepidation Around First Female Commander-in-Chief

Dan Merica, CNN – July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton told a group of veterans on Monday that even she needs to get used to the fact she could become the first female commander-in-chief in November, an unusual nod to trepidation around her gender by the presumptive Democratic nominee. “I know that this is the first time that one of our major parties has nominated a woman,” Clinton said. “I know that it takes a little getting used to, even for me.” The former secretary of state added, “But here is what I want you to know, I will get up every single day in the White House doing everything I possibly can to protect our country, to treat our men and women in uniform with the care and concern and respect they deserve, to make good on our nation’s promises to our veterans. That is how I was raised, that is what I have done, and I promise you that’s what I will do.”

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Gloria Steinem Says US is Ready for Female Commander in Chief

Robin Gradison, ABC News – December 13, 2015

Cokie Roberts said, “So though much has changed, much has not. What about the biggest possible change, a woman president? Steinem endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2008, but didn’t think the country was ready for a female commander-in-chief.” Gloria Steinem said, “What made me feel that way was actually seeing big grownup friends of ours on — guys in the media, who are perfectly serious people, saying things like, about Hillary Clinton, I cross my legs whenever I see her, she reminds me of my first wife standing outside alimony court. Looking at a powerful woman made them feel they had been regressed to childhood, because the last time they saw a really powerful woman, they were eight. So they behaved like eight.”

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Rubio: Trump Struggles With Commander-in-chief Test

Kevin Robillard, Politico – December 13, 2015

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio repeated his concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness to be commander-in-chief during an interview airing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” “The most important thing a president will be is commander-in-chief,” Rubio told host Chuck Todd, according to a transcript.

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Hillary Clinton Walks Fine Line on Gender, Toughness Issues

Joanne C. Bamberger, San Francisco Chronicle – December 11, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton learned during her first presidential run that, at least until we elect the first female president, there is no getting around the gender issue. She tried to ignore it in 2008, and we all know how that ended. So she’s owning it for the 2016 campaign, but with the world situation, she has to find a way walk a line between a softer, kinder Hillary and the strong, determined commander in chief she tried to convince us she could be eight years ago.

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Donald Trump Steals From His Attacks on Jeb Bush to Hit Hillary Clinton’s ‘Stamina’

Maggie Haberman, New York Times – November 23, 2015

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Trump said that the president must deal with “very, very tough people.” “They only understand strength,” Mr. Trump said. “They don’t understand weakness. Somebody like Jeb, and others that are running against me — and by the way, Hillary is another one. I mean, Hillary is a person who doesn’t have the strength or the stamina, in my opinion, to be president. She doesn’t have strength or stamina. She’s not a strong enough person to be president.”

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Friend Says Clinton Tried to Join Marines as Exercise in Women’s Rights

Dan Merica and Jeff Zeleny, CNN – November 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s visit to a Marine recruiting office in 1975 may have been to explore whether women applicants were being treated fairly at the time, rather than an attempt by the Yale-educated lawyer to sign up for military service, a longtime Arkansas friend told CNN Thursday.

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