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Chris Christie’s Wife Had The Best Reaction To Trump’s Sexist Attack On Clinton

Nick Baumann, Huffington Post – April 26, 2016

Mary Pat Christie, who is the first lady of New Jersey and is married to Chris Christie, a Republican governor who has endorsed Trump, had an amusing reaction to Trump’s comment about Clinton.

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Marco Rubio Turns Abortion Attack on Hillary Clinton

Tal Kopan, Manu Raju and Eugene Scott, CNN – February 4, 2016

As Sen. Marco Rubio faces attacks from his own party on his abortion stance, he is seeking to cast Democrats as extremists on the topic — saying Hillary Clinton would allow abortions until a baby’s due date.

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Chris Christie Offers a Key to Marital Success: Fight in a Walk-In Closet

Michael Barbaro, New York Times – January 19, 2016

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and his wife, Mary Pat, underwent marriage counseling to wrestle with what he called “really challenging times” in their relationship. They waited seven years to have children to ensure they “definitely liked each other.” And to this day they retreat to a walk-in closet to loudly argue away from their children’s earshot, according to a new book.

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For Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, Their Wives Are Their ‘Secret Weapon’

Daniel Gross, Fortune – January 14, 2016

In a series of articles, Fortunewill explore these personal business models used by the candidates. In our first, we explore what might be called the “Wives of Wall Street” model, used by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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Christie’s Debate Comment Turns Back the Clock 60 Years

Tara Sonenshine, The Hill – December 16, 2015

As the final Republican debate of 2015 opened in Las Vegas, one candidate turned the clock back about 60 years. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, in discussing the recent closure of public schools in Los Angeles because of a terrorism threat, said: “Think about the mothers who will take those children tomorrow morning to the bus stop, wondering if their children will arrive back on that bus safe and sound. Think about the fathers of Los Angeles who tomorrow will head off to work and wonder about the safety of their wives and their children.”

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CNN Republican Presidential Debate: Chris Christie Forgets That Women Go to Work Too

Hillary Kelly, Glamour – December 15, 2015

Tonight, CNN hosted the fifth Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas. The theme: national security. During his opening remarks, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discussed the fear that’s now present in the United States after attacks in Paris and San Bernardino—and made a strange implication that women don’t work in the process.

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Understanding the Fixation With Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Hair: The History of America’s Fascination With Presidential Hairstyles

Hillary Kelly, Glamour – November 24, 2015

With all the fervor, you’d be forgiven for believing that a bit of extra pomade or a lighter touch with the aerosol could make a crucial difference in the contest to become the ruler of the free world. No top candidate is exempt from this never-ending parade of hair news, hair criticism, and hair evaluation. No cut or color is safe. Let’s take a look.

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Why Christie’s Drug Speech Went Viral: Our Addiction to Authenticity

Howard Kurtz, Fox News – November 6, 2015

Every presidential candidate needs a moment that captures his heart, his guts, what he’s all about. And Chris Christie just had one. The New Jersey governor is struggling in the polls. He just missed the cut for next week’s prime-time Fox Business debate, along with Mike Huckabee, and that’s a major blow. It could start a cycle of reduced media attention that makes it hard to climb in the polls, which makes it hard to make the next debate.

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