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What Female Voters in Philly Suburbs Really Think

Dana Bash and Abigail Crutchfield, CNN – October 14, 2016

Donald Trump may get the raucous crowds, but where his daughter is hitting the trail is speaking volumes: the Philadelphia suburbs. It’s where her father must win in order to become president, but it’s also full of voters — mostly women — who are likely to be turned off by Trump’s caught-on-tape lewd comments, and allegations of groping women.

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A 6-year-old Asks: ‘What Does it Mean to Grab Somebody by the P—y?’

Danielle Paquette, Washington Post – October 8, 2016 

The 6-year-old girl turned to her mother and asked, “What does it mean to grab somebody by the p—y?” Rachael MacIsaac Parker thought she had misheard her daughter. “What?” she recalled responding. “What do you mean?”

Hillary Clinton Faces Her Toughest Interviewer Yet―11-Year-Old Marley Dias

Marley Dias, Elle – October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton is someone who’s never waited around for someone else to do the hard work. She’s been an organizer and a change-maker for her whole life practically. But people don’t really talk a lot about what she did when she was a kid like me.

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‘It’s Not Right’: Mothers and Daughters See Own Struggles Reflected in Hillary Clinton

Megan Carpentier, The Guardian – October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton made much of her relationship with her mother and daughter when she launched her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2015. A year later, before she took the stage at the 2016 Democratic convention to accept that nomination, she was introduced by her daughter, along with a short, Shonda Rhimes-directed video that delved into her relationship with her mother.

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Why Ivanka Is Trump’s Top Surrogate

Michelle Cottle, The Atlantic – September 28, 2016

Of all the ways Team Trump is reinventing presidential politics this cycle, among the most curious is the emergence of his daughter as the ultimate utility player. Part character witness, part strategist, part policy advisor, and part goodwill ambassador, Ivanka is expanding the role of aspiring First Daughter in a way that no previous aspiring First Child has attempted—and few others could likely get away with.

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Hillary Clinton Offers this Inspiring Advice to a 7-year-old Who Wanted to be Called ‘Lillary’

Colby Itkowitz, Washington Post – September 27, 2016

On the night the first woman ever secured enough delegates to win a major party’s nomination for president, Jennifer Rosen-Heinz watched her little girl jump around their living room in Madison, Wis., in celebration. Seven-year-old Lilly’s enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton’s success wasn’t motivated by ideology or party. Rather, the little girl saw on the television the promise of what she could someday be.

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Hillary Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail to Talk About Kids

Sam Frizell, TIME – September 15, 2016

Before a crowd in Greensboro, N.C., she appeared in fine health, speaking energetically through much of her speech, and she used her illness to refresh a familiar campaign theme that had fallen by the wayside in recent weeks: her work on behalf of children.

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Ivanka Trump’s Fingerprints are all Over Donald Trump’s New Child Care Plan

Libby Nelson, Vox – August 11, 2016

Hidden in the middle of Donald Trump’s big speech on the economy was something rarely spotted in his unconventional campaign: an actual policy proposal. “My plan will also help reduce the cost of child care by allowing parents to fully deduct the average cost of child care spending from their taxes,” he said.

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