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Inside Elizabeth Warren’s Behind-the-Scenes Strategy for Pressuring Hillary Clinton

October 31, 2016

“Treasury’s failure to issue guidance will harm borrowers and taxpayers,” she wrote in the letter, sent this month. Warren’s letter provides a window into a key strategy that the influential Massachusetts Democrat could deploy to drive progressive policies in a new presidential administration. Already, Warren and other liberal lawmakers have made it clear that they will oppose high-level appointments of people who have ties to Wall Street or who have supported free trade and financial deregulation

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Trump Rally Speaker Fantasizes About Death of Hillary Clinton

Ben Schreckinger, Politico – October 30, 2016

A speaker warming up the crowd for Donald Trump at a campaign rally Sunday morning fantasized about the deaths of Hillary Clinton and a senior aide. Conservative commentator Wayne Allyn Root, describing his fantasy of a made-for-TV movie about Clinton and aide Huma Abedin, said, “We all get our wish. The ending is like ‘Thelma and Louise.”

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Why Haven’t the Candidates Put Families at the Center of their Campaigns?

Anu Partanen, The Atlantic – October 30, 2016

In an election year that has largely lacked in policy, gender issues have taken center stage in recent weeks, in light of a slew of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump that subsequently placed added emphasis on the lack of equality between men and women. Until this point, these issues had been largely absent from the campaign trail, to the detriment of both Hillary Clinton and Trump—and ultimately, the United States.

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Trump has Made a Lot of Women Mad. Clinton Hopes to Turn That Into a Surge of Votes for Democrats

Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times – October 28, 2016

In the closing stretch of the presidential race, Hillary Clinton is trying to harness women’s anger over Donald Trump’s behavior into a surge of support for her and other female candidates.It’s an effort that harks back to Democratic victories that stemmed from similar controversy a quarter-century ago, in an election that became known as the “Year of the Woman.”

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Emails Show Clinton Staffers Worried About Bill’s History with Women

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – October 27, 2016

In January, Clinton adviser Ron Klain, a former aide to Joe Biden, sent around an email with four questions he thought ought to be addressed. “We need to set aside some time — it can be tomorrow, it can be Thursday — to do Q-and-A on the political questions, which now seem to be really owning the coverage,” he wrote. The fourth question was titled “WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] issues.”

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The Surprising Way the Trump Campaign is Helping Democratic Women

Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine – October 25, 2016

After Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the third presidential debate, Elizabeth Warren had a masterful response. “Get this, Donald — nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote,” Warren said at a campaign rally on Monday. And just as his comments have been reclaimed as feminist rallying cries and T-shirt designs, Trump’s campaign itself has served as an unintentional signal boost for the hundreds of Democratic women running for federal, state, and local office, Politico reports.

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Elizabeth Warren has a Message for Donald Trump: ‘Nasty Women Vote’

October 24, 2016

As Hillary Clinton laughed in the background, Sen. Elizabeth Warren turned one of Republican Donald Trump’s insults against him on Monday, warning that “nasty women” will be his undoing on Election Day. Campaigning alongside Democratic presidential nominee Clinton 15 days before the election, Warren mocked Trump as a bigot and a sexist boor. She was especially colorful on the latter point. “He thinks because he has money he can call women fat,” and rate their bodies, the Massachusetts Democrat said to whoops and applause from the Democratic crowd at Saint Anselm College.

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GOP Vowed to do Better with Women. What Happened?

Victoria McGrane, Boston Globe – October 22, 2016

The Republican Party commissioned an autopsy on the 2012 presidential election, trying to figure out why Mitt Romney lost. One of the verdicts, already glaringly obvious to many: The party needed to make itself more attractive to women. The 2016 race isn’t even over, and fed-up conservative women, saying the party failed to heed the lesson, are angrily conducting a vivisection of the campaign of Donald Trump and, pointedly, the party leaders who refused to disown him.

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Atlanta’s GOP Women Are Poised To Help Hillary Clinton Run Up The Score

S.V. Date, Huffington Post – October 22, 2016

For Republicans nervous about an electoral catastrophe next month, Lesley Jones could be a harbinger of doom. She’s 41 years old, has a University of Georgia bachelor’s degree, and considers herself a solid Republican. Yet she walked into the Chastain Recreation Center gym in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood this week and cast her presidential ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton rather than Republican Donald Trump.

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Hillary Clinton Speaks About Women in a Way No Presidential Candidate Ever Has

Jill Filipovic, Cosmopolitan – October 20, 2016

Last night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton didn’t so much play the gender card as simply show up on the debate stage a woman. What a difference it highlighted between her and her opponent. And how incredible it was to hear a female candidate talk about women’s issues not as abstractions, but as deeply personal, as fundamentally normal, and just as universal as men’s experiences.

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