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Hillary Wants to Tell You About Her Mom

Seth Stevenson, Slate – August 4, 2015

These ads are, in their words and their imagery, very pointedly about intergenerational female bonds. Women looking out for each other. Looking out for their mothers and their daughters. It’s like a Barbara Kingsolver novel up in here. Clinton will surely target other groups in subsequent spots, but this first salvo suggests that her campaign is, at its core, focused on the female vote.

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Hillary Clinton to Start Airing Ads in Iowa and New Hampshire

Maggie Haberman, New York Times – August 2, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton will begin a $2 million television advertising buy in Iowa and New Hampshire on Tuesday, an effort that her campaign aides say is aimed at defining her candidacy ahead of a crush of Republican attack ads. The twin sixty-second spots that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign will air – one called “Dorothy,” the other “Family Strong” – are biographical ads that depict the former secretary of state as a fighter, a theme her advisers have sought to elevate, who will fight for voters.

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Hillary Clinton Praises Mother In First TV Ads of 2016

Sam Frizell, TIME – August 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will air the first two television ads of the Democratic primary race on Tuesday, as part of an effort to head off Republican attacks and present Clinton as a “tenacious fighter” for everyday Americans.

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