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Melania Trump Laments ‘Bad Side’ of Tech in Speech Targeting Pennsylvania Women

Kevin Cirilli & Ben Brody, Bloomberg – November 3, 2016

Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, hit the campaign trail outside Philadelphia on Thursday to call for more civility online, in an appeal to suburban women voters with just five days left until the U.S. presidential election. American “culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teachers,” Melania Trump said in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, lamenting cyber-bullying in particular.

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Donald Trump’s Candidacy is a Lesson to America on How to Spot the Signs of Abuse

Trump’s comments, and his numerous alleged deeds, are “shocking” in the sense that they are appalling, disgusting, revolting. But to me, and I think to many women, that doesn’t mean they are the least bit surprising. That’s because to many of us, Trump feels sickeningly familiar.

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Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump’s ‘Bullying.’ And By the Way, She Says, Her Hair isn’t a Wig.

Abby Phillip, The Washington Post – November 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton said on Live! with Kelly and Michael that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s notorious insults verge on “bullying.” Clinton credited the businessman for having a reality TV sensibility. “He’s a great showman,” she said on Thursday morning. But she noted that Trump’s comments are sometimes targeted at specific groups of people — including women.

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Bullying Experts: Trump Is an Eighth-Grade Girl

Olivia Nuzzi, The Daily Beast – September 16, 2015

Bullies, like most people running for political office, have an unhealthy need for power. That need can be caused, according to Drew, by a number of things: revenge after being bullied themselves, general self-esteem and insecurity issues, or just a total lack of human compassion.

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