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Was Bernie Sanders Being Sexist?

Alice Yin, Boston Globe – April 8, 2016

It’s unclear what Bernie Sanders meant to accomplish when he charged this week that Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president. It may be that his frustration boiled over in an increasingly tense campaign. But some say it has to do with gender, which highlights, once again, how Sanders must be especially careful in attacking his female rival.

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Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications Doesn’t Sit Well With Women Backing Her

Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post – April 7, 2016

When talking to women rooting for Hillary Clinton, one reason comes up over and over again about why they stick by her: She is, simply, the most qualified person to be president.

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The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too Hard

Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine – The Cut – April 7, 2016

On Tuesday night, following Bernie Sanders’s big win in the Wisconsin primary, his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, understandably jazzed in the midst of a victory lap, said a really stupid sexist thing about Hillary Clinton.

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Watch Hillary Clinton Literally LOL in Response to Attacks on Her “Ambitions”

Liz Plank, Vox – April 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been advised to do a lot of things on the campaign trail: smile more, speak with a softer voice, stop being so mad. Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, adds another one to the list: have less ambition.

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Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Accuses DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz of ‘Cockblocking’ Bernie Sanders

Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast – April 4, 2016

After spending the first segment of The Daily Show Monday night hammering Hillary Clinton for refusing to debate Bernie Sanders, Trevor Noah welcomed his guest, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and urged her to get in on the “nastiness” going on between the two candidates.

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Clinton Criticizes Sanders for Dismissing Trump’s Abortion ‘Punishment’ Gaffe

Abby Phillip, Washington Post – March 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton had plenty of harsh words for businessman Donald Trump after he made — then took back — comments suggesting that women should be punished for seeking abortions. But on Thursday, she also criticized her rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for suggesting that Trump’s comments were getting too much attention.

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Sanders: I Don’t Understand Trump’s Appeal to Women

Nick Gass, Politico – March 30, 2016

After the show played a clip of a woman expressing why she supported Trump for his “transparency,” CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Sanders whether he understood Trump’s appeal to women. “I do,” Sanders began, before quickly correcting himself, “Well, it’s not only—no, I don’t understand his appeal to women. I don’t think he’s particularly popular with women in general. You can’t go around insulting women everyday and expect to gain support.”
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Why Conservatives Are Terrified of Single Women

Lauren Kelley, Rolling Stone – March 28, 2016

Traister recently spoke to Rolling Stone about conservative fear of unmarried women, why Bernie Sanders can’t entirely take credit for the recent national interest in socialism, how the way we talk about candidates who aren’t white men has shifted since 2008 — and how Donald Trump is “like the cartoon version of hatred for those other kinds of identities.”

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Guess Who’s Shouting Just As Loudly As Hillary Clinton

Catie L’Heureux, New York Magazine – The Cut – March 18, 2016

Of the three presidential candidates who spoke on the night of the March 15 primaries, only one was called out for shouting too much (take a wild guess who!). But who was actually yelling the loudest? The PAC EMILY’s List used a decibel meter, measured the candidates’ vocals, and found evidence for something campaign sexists may find hard to believe: Men and women can in fact yell at equal levels! Crazy, right?

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