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Bernie Sanders Surrogate Rosario Dawson Brings up Monica Lewinsky in Clinton Attack

Elizabeth Landers, CNN – April 23, 2016

Outspoken Bernie Sanders surrogate Rosario Dawson said Saturday she stands with Monica Lewinsky’s fight against bullying, and suggested that the Clinton campaign is engaging in such behavior.

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Hillary Clinton, The ‘Gender Card’ And What It Could Mean In November

Asma Khalid, NPR – April 16, 2016

It’s essentially impossible to win the Democratic nomination without support from women. In primaries and caucuses across the country, women make up a solid majority of the Democratic electorate. In fact, according to exit poll data, there’s not a state that’s voted to date where women made up less than 54 percent of Democratic voters. And, in Mississippi, women made up nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of Democratic primary voters.

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Sanders’ Supporters are Lashing Out, But Here’s How They Might be Hurting His Campaign

Evan Halper and Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times – April 15, 2016

Sanders supporters are known to be a spirited bunch. But as their frustration mounts over their candidate’s failure to significantly cut into Clinton’s lead, no small number of them are lashing out in ways that are not particularly helpful to his campaign.

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Sanders: ‘No Room’ for Language About ‘Corporate Democratic Whores’

Nick Gass, Politico – April 14, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Thursday repudiated the remarks of a surrogate who used the phrase “corporate Democratic whores” on Wednesday night during the Vermont senator’s rally in Washington Square Park, after Hillary Clinton’s campaign demanded an disavowal from the candidate.

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Why Bernie Sanders Faces a Trap at the Democratic Debate

Jay Newton-Small, TIME – April 13, 2016

In recent weeks, Bernie Sanders has taken a harsher tone with Hillary Clinton, calling her “unqualified” to be president, saying she’s too “ambitious” and going after her position on fracking, the Iraq war and Wall Street cronyism. An outside Sanders group even began posting the home addresses and contact information for superdelegates supporting Clinton in an attempt to swing them towards Sanders.

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In 6 Graphs, Here’s Why Young Women Don’t Support Hillary Clinton as Much as Older Women Do

Lori Poloni-Staudinger, J. Cherie Strachan, and Brian Schaffner, Washington Post – April 11, 2016

Of course, no one expects all men – or even all Democratic men – to share political preferences all the time. In the same way, it’s unreasonable to expect women to vote as a monolithic bloc. Unlike other historically marginalized voters, women are not a numerical minority; they make up as large and diverse a portion of the U.S. population as men. Nor do women have a shared history of forced segregation that required them to interact and live primarily with other women, and therefore discuss political ideas as a community.

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Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run For Office

Clare Malone and Julia Azari, FiveThirtyEight – April 8, 2016

While 2016 campaign discussions of sexism have largely been preoccupied with Donald Trump’s blunt force assaults on modern notions of manners, let alone gender equity, Sanders’ remarks and their interpretation play into discussions of the subtle, pernicious forms of sexism that women in positions of power must deal with.

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Bill Clinton: Hillary Held to ‘Different Standard’ Due to Gender

Alex Seitz-Wald, MSNBC – April 8, 2016

Asked if gender is a factor in Sanders’ comments on his wife, the former president at first demurred. “I think she’d be the best president. And I think it’s obvious. That’s all that matters to me,” he said. But then he added: “Yes, I think there are some different standards. Some of them are subconscious.”

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