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Nobody Ever Tells Donald Trump to Smile

Dara Lind, Vox – September 8, 2016

She has to meet two sets of expectations that are often diametrically opposed. This isn’t just a double standard — it’s a metaphysical impossibility. That’s never been clearer than it is this cycle. In Donald Trump, Clinton faces an opponent who also struggles to meet the expectations of “statesmanship” — and occasionally even gets called out on them. But while Trump gets held to about half a standard, Clinton continues to be held to two. Both are asked to prove their leadership, but only one is asked to prove her humanity.

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Reince Priebus Joins Long and Illustrious List of Men who Think Hillary Clinton Should Smile More

Katie McDonough, Fusion – September 7, 2016

A warm congratulations is in order for Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus who on Wednesday night became the latest random-ass man to have an opinion about Hillary Clinton’s face.

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Donald Trump Offends Some With Comment That Clinton Lacks ‘Presidential Look’

Meghan Kenneally, ABC News – September 6, 2016

Donald Trump’s comment that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have “a presidential look” is seen by some as the Republican presidential nominee’s latest knock on a woman’s appearance. During an interview with ABC News in Ohio Monday, Trump said, “I really do believe that” Clinton doesn’t look the part. “I just don’t believe she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” he told ABC News anchor David Muir.

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Fashion Extends Its Support for Hillary Clinton

Vanessa Friedman, New York Times – August 30, 2016

As of next month, when new ads will appear in the giant September fashion magazines, there will be yet another unabashed pro-Clinton campaign in the offing, thanks to Elie Tahari. Photographed by James Macari and titled “Madam President,” it features a model in a red sheath dress in the Oval Office; in a gray lace-sleeved number, speaking from behind a lectern with the presidential seal; and in a narrow black trouser suit, amid a walk-and-talk briefing surrounded by American flags and Secret Service men in what looks like the Capitol.

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Male Model Eric Turner Goes Shirtless for #HunksforHillary

I Agree to See – August 29, 2016

Male fitness model Eric Turner is trying to start a movement to help get Hillary Clinton elected – with the hashtag #HunksforHillary, which is accompanied with a shirtless picture. Turner teamed up with Miami-based photographer Abel Cruz to take the picture and start the hashtag.

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How Donald Trump’s Clothes Reinforce His Campaign

Ryan Teague Beckwith, TIME – August 4, 2016

Donald Trump’s choice of clothing on the trail echoes his campaign’s theme: America was great once—probably sometime in the mid 1980s—but it’s not any more, and I’m going to bring the old days back. Either by accident or by design, the Republican nominee dresses like a Reagan-era Wall Street mogul, and controversies over his menswear line have put an unusual focus on fashion in the election.

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Why the Pantsuit?

Megan Garber, The Atlantic – August 2, 2016

The pantsuit. The uniform that claims to care more about substance than style, and that fights against longstanding cultural assumptions that women politicians can fairly be judged according to their clothing. The pantsuit is, for the trailblazing woman leader, an empowering paradox: It’s a statement outfit that makes its statement by saying as little as possible.

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Sexist Insults have Dogged Clinton for Years. And Now They’re Part of Presidential Elections.

Ellie Kaufmann, Vox – August 1, 2016

Vendors may have packed up their wares from the Democratic and Republican national conventions, but there will only be more interest in candidate memorabilia this summer and fall, as voters side with their candidates. Yet one unmistakable theme of the merch marketed toward the right is the bombastic, sexist language used to characterize Donald Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

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Bernie Sanders on His Expression During Hillary Clinton’s Speech: ‘I’m Not Always a Smiley Kind of Guy’

Melissa Chan, TIME – July 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Sunday pinned his stoic expression during Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on the fact that he’s “not always a smiley kind of guy.” The Vermont senator was mocked on social media after Clinton, his former challenger for the Democratic nomination for president, praised him as she delivered her acceptance speech last week.

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