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Madonna and Hillary: ‘Witch’ and ‘Nasty Woman’ as Sisters in Arms

Caryn Ganz and Patrick Healy, New York Times – December 11, 2016

Madonna and Mrs. Clinton: both trailblazers, both polarizing figures, and both attacked for actions, choices and behavior that are broadly accepted — even applauded — when done by their male peers. Madonna herself made a connection between the two women before her speech Friday, saying it was “really important to make a stand and speak my mind” about women’s rights after Mrs. Clinton’s loss in November.

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On Election Day, the Hillary Clinton White Suit Effect

, New York Times – November 7, 2016

One of the more unexpected turns in a very twisted (in all senses of the word) electoral season has been the sudden emergence of a fashion statement that should, if all goes according to plan, reach its apogee on Tuesday, Election Day. A grass-roots movement on social media has been urging women to #WearWhiteToVote in solidarity with the American suffragists, who adopted the color as one of their signatures and fought for what has now come (at least partly) to fruition: the first woman as a major party’s candidate for president.

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‘It Really Does Get Into Your Head.’ The Election, Through the Eyes of Teenage Girls.

They are too young to vote, but old enough to follow the news. For teenage girls, this gender bomb of an election is happening just as they are starting to form their identities as young women. Hillary Clinton has campaigned with a rah-rah message for girls: “Yes, you can be anything you want — even president.”

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Clinton Supporters are Planning to Vote for the First Woman President Wearing Suffragette White

Mark Bain, Quartz – November 3, 2016

For millions of American women, the chance to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton is understandably emotional. In the 96 years since women won their right to vote in the US, never have they had a greater chance of electing a woman to the highest office in the country. To commemorate the moment and honor the work of those who fought for their right to a voice, many Clinton supporters are planning to wear the suffragettes’ symbolic white when they head to the polls on Nov. 8.

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Clinton’s Unapologetic Defense of Abortion Rights


Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic – October 20, 2016

Even in a presidential campaign that has become so intensely focused on gender, there was something surreal about watching Hillary Clinton’s response to a question about abortion in Wednesday night’s debate. Here was the first woman nominated by a major party for the United States presidency, standing on the debate stage in “suffragette white,” and talking in no uncertain terms about her strong commitment to protecting a woman’s right to “make the most intimate, most difficult in many cases, decisions about her health care that one can imagine.”


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In the Final Presidential Debate, the Trumps Go Dark

, New York Times – October 20, 2016

Melania, Ivanka and Vanessa Trump — the candidate’s wife, daughter and daughter-in-law — all wore black to the final debate, a departure from the colors they chose for earlier appearances, which tended to the light and bright.

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Will Sexism Be the U.S. Presidential Election’s November Surprise? Here’s What We Found.

October 20, 2016
Even before Hillary Clinton officially launched her bid for the White House last year, political observers speculated about whether she would be hurt by sexism. Would gender stereotypes lead voters to doubt Clinton’s ability handle a national security crisis? Would people focus on her appearance instead of her policy ideas?

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