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Marco Rubio is Just the Guy to Win the Youth Vote. Or So the Old Folks Think.

Ben Terris, Washington Post – November 25, 2015

Marco Rubio — he of the unlined cheeks and recently paid-off student loans and strongly felt preference for Tupac over Biggie Smalls — might be just the thing to get young people to come out and vote Republican in 2016.

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There’s a Lot Being Made of the Two Words Hillary Clinton’s Closest Adviser Uses to Describe Her in 2013 Email

Fred Lucas, The Blaze – November 16, 2015

Longtime Clinton confidante Huma Abedin referred to her one-time boss, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as “often confused,” in an email to another State Department official. Commenting on the leading Democratic presidential contender for president in 2016, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton thought the emails were revealing. “Huma Abedin’s description of Hillary Clinton as ‘easily confused’ tells you all you need to know why it took a federal lawsuit to get these government emails from Clinton’s illegal email server,” Fitton said in a statement. “These emails also show that Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s decision to use the Clinton email server to conduct government business was dangerous and risky.”

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Marco Rubio Seizes on Hillary Clinton’s ‘60s Debate Line to Highlight ‘Generational Choice’

Washington Times – November 16, 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign is out with a new Web video that seizes on a line from Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate in which former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton described the myriad protest movements of the 1960s. “This election is a generational choice about the future of America,” read words in the Web video, which then plays some of Mrs. Clinton’s words from the debate.

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Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crystal Mock Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for Being ‘So Old’

Curtis Houck, Newsbusters – November 12, 2015

The audience then asked “[h]ow old is he” to which Fallon invoked a certain male performance enhancement pill in making a quip about Bernie Sanders before moving onto Clinton and her well-known decision to wear pantsuits. … Following a second Sanders joke, Crystal turned the heat up on Clinton with references to bingo and the telegraph: “And Hillary’s so old, when she hears 2016, she yells bingo. She’s so old, the first political scandal was deleting all her telegraph messages.”

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The No. 1 Reason GOP’s Macho-male Egos Fear a New President Clinton

Paul Farrell, MarketWatch – November 11, 2015

Old Guys Rule? No more. Yes, they hate it. Not because the next president may be a Democrat. She’s a woman! That’s a mortal blow to the GOP’s macho-male ego. A woman president signals a historic shift to female domination of males, a huge pathological blow, the coup de grace in another humiliating political defeat.

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Grandma-in-Chief: Why Hillary Clinton’s Age Could Matter to Voters

Brian Patrick Byrne, Vocativ – October 27, 2015

If Trump is not the GOP nominee, Clinton will buck a trend that’s held firm since Lyndon B. Johnson. No Democratic presidential nominee has been older than their Republican opponent since 1964. What’s more, no winning Democratic candidate has been more than one year older than their Republican opponent since 1948.

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Why Does Bernie Sanders Dress Like That? Because He Can.

Paul Farhi, The Washington Post – October 13, 2015

It’s unfair, of course, but all female candidates know they have to look perfect when they appear in public. An “older” female candidate practically needs to seem regal to stand a chance. But male candidates younger than Sanders or Corbyn face some of these pressures, too.

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Why a Younger Hillary Clinton May Never Have Had a Chance

Chloe Angyal, Reuters – June 18, 2015

One of the biggest applause lines in Hillary Clinton’s kick-off speech last weekend contained both a self-deprecating remark about her age, and a big jab at sexism. “I may not be the youngest candidate in this race,” Clinton said, “but I will be the youngest woman president.” The crowd went wild.

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Hillary’s Sixties Surge

Gail Sheehy, Politico – June 14, 2015

It’s taken a career in the spotlight, but Hillary Clinton finally seems to be comfortable with her age and her gender. Now, at 67, Clinton finally appears to be beyond carefully constructing her identities or letting her advisers to design the persona she presents. And it’s going to help her win what she wants most.
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