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Hillary Clinton’s First Speech as Presumptive Nominee Puts ‘Women’s Issues’ Front and Center

Charlotte Alter, TIME – June 10, 2016

In her first speech since she became the first female major party presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton put several traditionally sidelined “women’s issues” front and center.

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Anti-abortion groups moving — reluctantly — toward Trump

Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico – May 11, 2016

“As unpredictable as Donald Trump is, Hillary Clinton is completely predictable,” said Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women of America. “We have no question about where she is on these issues.” Nance was among the prominent women leaders who signed a letter in January asking Republican primary voters to select “anyone” but Trump. They’ve expressed concerns about his past support for abortion rights, as well as some off-message comments he made, and then retracted, about punishing women who end their pregnancies. Now they are giving him another look — and also making clear that they expect him to live up to his recent commitments.

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NARAL Launches Anti-Trump Ad in Pennsylvania

Eliza Collins, Politico – April 21, 2016

Donald Trump hates a lot of Americans—at least that’s the message NARAL Pro-Choice America is pushing in a five-figure ad buy in Pennsylvania ahead of Tuesday’s primary. The 30-second ad titled “What have we learned from Donald Trump?” set to start airing statewide on cable from Thursday until Tuesday features still photos of women and black text displaying the text of the controversial statements he has made about women, Latinos, Muslims and abortion over the course of his campaign along with the audio.

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Clinton Criticizes Sanders for Dismissing Trump’s Abortion ‘Punishment’ Gaffe

Abby Phillip, Washington Post – March 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton had plenty of harsh words for businessman Donald Trump after he made — then took back — comments suggesting that women should be punished for seeking abortions. But on Thursday, she also criticized her rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for suggesting that Trump’s comments were getting too much attention.

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Donald Trump, Abortion Foe, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women, Then Recants

Maggie Haberman, New York Times – March 30, 2016

Donald J. Trump, pressed Wednesday on his support for a ban on abortion and what it would mean in practice, said that “there has to be some form of punishment” for women who have abortions. Less than three hours later, Mr. Trump revised himself, issuing a written statement saying that such a ban would criminalize only those performing the procedure, not the women getting abortions. “The woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb,” he said.

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Hillary Clinton: Marco Rubio’s Comments About Abortion are ‘Pretty Pathetic’

Maxwell Tani, Business Insider – February 7, 2016

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) over his repeated assertions that Clinton supports abortion on “the baby’s due date.”

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Marco Rubio Turns Abortion Attack on Hillary Clinton

Tal Kopan, Manu Raju and Eugene Scott, CNN – February 4, 2016

As Sen. Marco Rubio faces attacks from his own party on his abortion stance, he is seeking to cast Democrats as extremists on the topic — saying Hillary Clinton would allow abortions until a baby’s due date.

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