Public reports from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation address the distinctly gendered terrain of political campaigns. They offer insights and strategies for women candidates, with a focus on executive office. A full list of reports is available at

BLFF-Keys-to-Elected-Office Keys to Elected Office: The Essential Guide for Women

This guide is the Barbara Lee Family Foundation’s most direct, must-know advice for women elected officials and candidates running for office. From the personal traits, to actions that convey qualification and likeability, to bouncing back from mistakes, this guide is a concise look at what it takes for a woman to run and succeed. For more than 15 years, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation has studied every woman’s campaign for governor on both sides of the aisle, including real-time polling on voters’ views and post-election interviews with candidates and campaign staff. Now, this research has been compiled and distilled into a practical 40-page guide available in print, online, and multi-platform mobile app.