Hillary Clinton and the Myth of Female Weakness

Jill Filipovic, Cosmopolitan – September 13, 2016

Donald Trump hates weaklings. “Weak” remains one of his favorite Twitter insults, and one he has lobbed repeatedly at his opponent Hillary Clinton in stump speeches. “She’s weak. She’s a weak person. I know her. She’s a weak person,” he said about Clinton at an August rally in Des Moines. And later, in Wisconsin, “In one way she’s a monster,” Trump said. “In another way she’s a weak person. She’s actually not strong enough to be president.” He has speculated wildly about her health, fueling rumors that she’s secretly ill; in the meantime, the only proof of his own health he offers is a bizarre letter from a physician who later said he dashed it off in about five minutes, and of course his own obvious, orange-tinged virility.

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