#GenderWatch2016 Pre-Debate Reading

Getting ready to watch tonight’s debate? Check out these articles on gender dynamics to watch for as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage tonight (9pm EDT). Additional analyses, facts, and insights will be shared via Presidential Gender Watch’s facebook and twitter accounts throughout the day.

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Why It’s So Hard for Men to Debate Women
Charlotte Alter

When Donald Meets Hillary: A Viewer’s Guide
Affan Chowdhry (with Drs. Alan Schroeder, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, and Kelly Dittmar)

Before There was a Woman Nominee, Women Moderators Provided Gender Diversity on the Presidential Debate Stage. 
Dr. Kelly Dittmar (PGW Expert)

In Trump/Clinton Face-off on Monday, Winning Over Women Will be Key  
Ginger Gibson

Why Hillary Clinton Gets Interrupted More than Donald Trump
Dr. Francesca Gino

Clinton’s Gender Could Hurt Her in the Presidential Debate
Dr. Leonie Huddy

A Guide to the Debates 
Christine Jahnke (PGW Guest Expert)

Memo to Women Candidates: Parts I, II, and III
Christine Jahnke (PGW Guest Expert)

Clinton, Trump and Gender Dynamics Pose ‘Unprecedented Political Spectacle’ at Presidential Debate
Katie Leslie and Jordan Rudner

Why Do So Many People Hate the Sound of Hillary Clinton’s Voice?

Elspeth Reeve

How Could Sexism Hurt Clinton in the Debates? These Female High School Debaters Know.
Anna Waters