First Lists of DNC Speakers: 38% women, 62% men

Over the past week, the Democratic National Committee has released three different lists of convention speakers. Combining all of them, they include 46 women and 75 men. Women are three-quarters of headliners, when all seven “Mothers of the Movement” – speaking on Tuesday night –are included in the count.

The convention also released a schedule of “everyday Americans” to speak on each night of the convention. Fourteen are women and eight are men.

Finally, the DNC yesterday released a list of 84 elected and formerly elected officials that will stand at the convention podium. One-third (21) are women and 63 are men.

We will keep track of who speaks and for how long throughout the Democratic National Convention. For comparison, see our recent post and infographic on gender differences in number of speakers and speaking time at the Republican National Convention.

UPDATE: According to posts on Twitter, another 9 women and 4 men – famous actors, musicians, and athletes – will be speakers at the DNC. That brings the running total to 55 women (41%) and 79 men (59%).