Clinton Nods to Trepidation Around First Female Commander-in-Chief

Dan Merica, CNN – July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton told a group of veterans on Monday that even she needs to get used to the fact she could become the first female commander-in-chief in November, an unusual nod to trepidation around her gender by the presumptive Democratic nominee. “I know that this is the first time that one of our major parties has nominated a woman,” Clinton said. “I know that it takes a little getting used to, even for me.” The former secretary of state added, “But here is what I want you to know, I will get up every single day in the White House doing everything I possibly can to protect our country, to treat our men and women in uniform with the care and concern and respect they deserve, to make good on our nation’s promises to our veterans. That is how I was raised, that is what I have done, and I promise you that’s what I will do.”

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