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Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick: “I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis”

Emily Crockett, Vox – December 9, 2016

Puzder is the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which operates Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. For the last decade or so, Carl’s Jr. has been known for running controversial TV ads featuring models eating hamburgers in various gross, oversexed ways.

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How Hillary Clinton Found her Voice Through Coaching

Victoria Lambert, The Telegraph – October 9, 2016

The Democrat candidate’s vocals have emerged as a turn-off among voters and commentators. Her voice has been accused of many crimes: it is too shrill, too deep, too artificial, too enunciated. She is too Southern, not regional enough, falsely hokum when it suits. The voice is too loud, too irritating and – somewhat inevitably – too female.

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The Sad Irony of What Could Propel the First Woman into the White House

Maeve Reston, CNN – October 9, 2016

Here’s the great irony of the 2016 campaign: Rather than a historic debate about whether a female nominee can best her male rival, the race is suddenly a referendum on how much crass, coarse objectification of women America is willing to take.

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Donald Trump Opens New Line of Attack on Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage

Patrick Healy and Maggie Haberman, New York Times – September 30, 2016

Donald J. Trump unleashed a slashing new attack on Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions on Friday as he sought to put the Clintons’ relationship at the center of his political argument against her before their next debate.

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#GenderWatchSyllabus: Dr. Kathleen Dolan

THEME: Women Candidates

When Does Gender Matter? Women Candidates and Gender Stereotypes in American Elections (2014)
Kathleen Dolan

Navigating Gendered Terrain: Stereotypes and Strategy in Political Campaigns (2015)
Kelly Dittmar

The Changing Face of Representation: The Gender of U.S. Senators and Constituent Communications (2015)
Kim Fridkin and Patrick Kenney

Women on the Run: Gender, Media, and Political Campaigns in a Polarized Era (2016)
Danny Hayes and Jennifer Lawless

It Still Takes A Candidate: Why Women Don’t Run for Office (2010)
Jennifer Lawless and Richard Fox


#GenderWatchSyllabus: Dr. Christina Bejarano

THEME: Minority Women in U.S. Politics

The Latino Gender Gap in U.S. Politics (2014)
Christina Bejarano

The Latina Advantage: Gender, Race, and Political Success (2013)
Christina Bejarano

Distinct Identities: Minority Women in U.S. Politics (2016)
Nadia Brown and Sarah Allen Gershon (eds.)

“Media Coverage of Minority Congresswomen and Voter Evaluations: Evidence from an Online Experimental Study” (2013)
In Political Research Quarterly
Sarah Allen Gershon

“Why not a Woman of Color?: The Candidacies of US Women of Color for Statewide Executive Office” (2015)
Kira Sanbonmatsu


#GenderWatchSyllabus: Dr. MaryAnne Borrelli

THEME: Recognizing Gender in the Executive – U.S. and Comparative Perspectives

Searching for the New Black Man, Black Masculinity and Women’s Bodies (2013)
Rhonda C. Henry Anthony

“‘Seeing What Has Always Been’: Opening Study of the Presidency” (2008)
In PS: Political Science and Politics
Georgia Duerst-Lahti

Hillary Clinton’s Race for the White House, Gender Politics and the Media on the Campaign Trail (2010)
Regina G.Lawrence and Melody Rose

The Gendered Executive, A Comparative Analysis of Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Chief Executives (2016)
Janet M. Martin and MaryAnne Borrelli (eds)

Women and the White House: Gender, Popular Culture, and Presidential Politics (2013)
Justin S. Vaughn and Lilly J. Goren (eds.)


Did Hillary Clinton Have to Be First?

Michael Barbaro, New York Times – September 9, 2016

Did Hillary Clinton, or somebody very much like her, have to be the first woman to get this close to winning the presidency? We explore that question in the latest episode of The Run-Up with Claire McCaskill, the senior United States Senator from Missouri, and Gail Collins, a New York Times columnist who has written several books on women’s history.

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#GenderWatchSyllabus: Dr. Liette Gidlow

THEME: Historical Context of 2016 Election

Obama, Clinton, Palin: Making History in Election 2008 (2011)
Liette Gidlow (Ed.)

“Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Race Question, and the ‘Masculine Mystique'” (2011)
In Obama, Clinton, Palin: Making History in Election 2008
Kathryn Kish Sklar

We Will Be Heard: Women’s Struggles for Political Power in the United States (2008)
Jo Freeman

“Does the United States Still Need a Women’s Movement?” (2014)
In Politics & Gender
Kristin A. Goss

“Political Participation of Women of Color: An Intersectional Analysis” (2014)
In Journal of Women, Politics, & Policy
Nadia E. Brown


#GenderWatchSyllabus: Dr. James Schnoebelen

THEME: Gender Stereotypes and Political Communication

Anticipating Madam President (2003)
Robert F. Watson & Ann Gordon

“Have You Come a Long Way, Baby? Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, & Sexism in 2008 Campaign Coverage” (2009)
In Communication Studies 
Diana B. Carlin and Kelly L. Winfrey

Cracked But Not Shattered: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Unsuccessful Campaign for the Presidency (2009)
Theodore F. Sheckels (Ed.)