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Why This Double Standard Is Beyond Words

Originally Posted on Refinery 29

You can learn a lot from watching movies. Never underestimate a woman just because she wears heels (Legally Blonde). Don’t let fear run your life (Frozen). Meryl Streep is the best (every movie she’s made).

However, films don’t always get it right. There have only been nine female presidents portrayed on the big screen. Nine. Maybe it’s the lack of gender diversity in Hollywood, but, during a crisis, the U.S. always seems to have a male president who isn’t afraid to let his language get salty when standing up for American values. As my colleague at Presidential Gender Watch, Rutgers University professor Kelly Dittmar, has written, the position of commander-in-chief is laced with gender expectations. Whether aliens are attacking (Independence Day) or terrorists are taking over (Air Force One), Hollywood’s most popular presidents are men who curse when they mean business.

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On the Bias 1.2.16

The presidential news of the past few weeks has been dominated by Donald Trump’s vulgar comments against Hillary Clinton, his defense of those comments, and his shift to attacking Clinton for the past behavior of her husband. There are many gender dimensions to these events, but they are not the only sites of gender bias – and/or discussion of it – evident in the race. In this end-of-2015 edition of On The Bias, we review instances of male discomfort with female assertiveness, why the idea of a “woman card” is fundamentally flawed, and the gender politics of women’s bathrooms. Read More