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College Men for Trump

Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times – July 14, 2016

It’s relatively easy to understand how the bitter grievances of the white working class drive support for Donald Trump. What’s less understandable is why a plurality of college-educated white men backs the Republican Party’s combative soon-to-be nominee.

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Donald Trump’s Sizable Lead Among White Male Voters Increases

Meghan Keneally, ABC News – June 1, 2016

A new poll of registered voters showed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton with a slight lead over Donald Trump in a general election matchup, but the presumptive Republican nominee continued to excel among white males.

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White Male Democrats Have Disproportionately Voted Against Hillary Clinton for Eight Years Running

Philip Bump, The Washington Post – May 5, 2016

One of the groups that votes against Hillary Clinton most consistently is white men. In 20 of 23 contests for which we have exit poll data, white men have preferred Sanders to Clinton. (The three exceptions were Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee, all states where Clinton did very well.) In Vermont, Sanders saw one of his most dominant demographic performances: White men in the state favored him by 83 percentage points over Clinton.

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As Hillary Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Resists: White Men

Patrick Healy, New York Times – March 17, 2016

White men narrowly backed Hillary Clinton in her 2008 race for president, but they are resisting her candidacy this time around in major battleground states, rattling some Democrats about her general-election strategy.

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