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Hillary Clinton has Been Asked the Same Sexist Questions for Decades

Emily Crockett, Vox – August 4, 2016

National Memo put together a video compiling nearly 40 years of sexist questions asked of Hillary Clinton during interviews and debates. The result is illuminating, and infuriating. It shows how painfully bad America was at dealing with women in public life even just 20 years ago — and how bad at it we often still are.

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The Two Hillary Clintons: How Supporters and Detractors Describe the Democratic Nominee

Kim L. Nalder, Meredith Conroy, and Danielle Joesten Martin, LSE Blog – July 22, 2016

If it was not for Donald Trump’s presence in the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton would be the least favored presidential candidate there has ever been. At the same time, however, she is rated by fact checkers as being far more honest than Trump or any other primary candidate. Using a survey of Californians, the authors explore how voters feel about Clinton. They find that Trump’s framing of Clinton as “crooked” has stuck, with most of his supporters describing her as a “liar” and “untrustworthy”. Clinton’s own supporters on the other hand, were more likely to describe her as “experienced”, “smart” and “strong”. On gender lines, women tend to describe Clinton more positively compared to men, and also note her gender.

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Does Hillary Clinton Face a Different Standard for Honesty?

Janell Ross, Washington Post – May 29, 2016

With all the talk this week and during this entire campaign about honesty, transparency, emails and tax returns in the 2016 race, The Fix thought it time to examine just how gender and honesty play out in politics. Do voters have different expectations for honesty among male and female politicians? And, if they do, what do these dynamics mean for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the likely major party White House nominees who have been had their honesty called into question frequently (Clinton for her alleged secrecy and Trump for his many false statements)?

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Here’s What People Say When they Attack Hillary Clinton on Twitter

Mary Nugent and Emma Pierson, The Washington Post – February 9, 2016

In total, 8 percent of tweets — nearly 1,000 — criticized Clinton for her appearance, her femininity, or her husband. On the one hand, these gendered criticisms of Clinton are far less common than criticisms of her trustworthiness. On the other hand, if one out of twelve comments you got about your job performance was sexist, you would probably find another job. These comments were also frequent enough that many tweeters noticed and complained.

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Do You Really Not Like Hillary Clinton, or Are You Just Sexist?

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – January 28, 2016

After years of navigating political land mines as a woman, one wonders : How could an ambitious woman rise in politics, if not with dogged persistence and guardedness that Clinton has demonstrated? That’s why the criticisms wielded against Clinton from the younger generation right now seem unfair and yes, even sexist. As Lena Dunham, who is campaigning for Clinton, told Jill Abramson in the Guardian,  “It feels so gendered, even from women, so harshly sexist. We never throw claims of too establishment or too stiff or even too selfish at male politicians. It’s unfair in the deepest sense.”

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Is Hillary Clinton’s Challenge a Glass Ceiling or a Glass Curtain?

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – November 25, 2015

In seeking to break through the “highest, hardest glass ceiling,” as Hillary Rodham Clinton deemed the potential election of the first female president in 2008, the Democratic presidential candidate first must break through with voters, a challenge she is having trouble overcoming, according to a recent focus group of Ohio voters.

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Hillary Clinton is the Most Trusted 2016 Candidate on Terrorism

Scott Clement, The Washington Post – November 23, 2015

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds the Democratic front-runner and former secretary of state is better-trusted on dealing with the terrorism threat, with her biggest edge over Donald Trump. By 50 percent to 42 percent, more Americans say they trust Clinton to handle the threat of terrorism than Trump, who leads the Republican field and responded to the Paris terrorist attacks by calling for heightened surveillance of mosques and redoubling his opposition to allowing Syrian refugees to settle in the U.S.

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Voters Laud Clinton’s ‘Steel’ But Ask: Is She Likable Enough?

Carrie Dann, NBC News – November 17, 2015

They say she’s tough. She’s got a “spine of steel” and “balls,” and her experience can’t be discounted. But it’s just not that easy to like Hillary Rodham Clinton. In a pair of focus groups in Columbus, Ohio on Monday night, general election voters from across the political spectrum praised the former secretary of state’s toughness but complained that she can come across as humorless, stilted and coached. Even supporters worried that her practiced demeanor might obscure her strengths, and skeptics repeatedly questioned her trustworthiness.

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Hillary Clinton’s Experience a Plus, Donald Trump Has ‘Drunk Uncle’ Image, Voters Say

Ben Gittleson and Shushannah Walshe, ABC News – November 17, 2015

Twenty-six men and women from across the political spectrum spent Monday evening in Ohio’s capital with some explaining that they thought Hillary Clinton’s experience was a plus, to others Donald Trump seemed like a “drunk uncle” and nearly all said they worried Ben Carson was not ready to be president.


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Democratic Voters Trust Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders in International Crisis

Ryan Struyk, ABC News – November 14, 2015

As Democratic presidential candidates prepared to debate less than 24 hours after devastating attacks in Paris, a recent poll found thatDemocratic primary voters trust Hillary Clinton more than Bernie Sanders to handle an international crisis. More than half of Democratic voters — 53 percent — said they are “very confident” in the former secretary of state’s ability to lead in a foreign affairs crisis, according to a national CBS/NYT poll released Thursday. But only 16 percent say the same of Bernie Sanders.

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