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Why Ivanka Is Trump’s Top Surrogate

Michelle Cottle, The Atlantic – September 28, 2016

Of all the ways Team Trump is reinventing presidential politics this cycle, among the most curious is the emergence of his daughter as the ultimate utility player. Part character witness, part strategist, part policy advisor, and part goodwill ambassador, Ivanka is expanding the role of aspiring First Daughter in a way that no previous aspiring First Child has attempted—and few others could likely get away with.

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Ivanka Trump Talks Motherhood, Work-Life Balance And Politics

CBS News – September 22, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s daughter campaigned in Colorado on Thursday and talked about issues important to women voters, especially. In Colorado, more women are registered to vote than men and they vote in greater numbers.

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Ivanka Trump to Huddle with Female Republican Members of Congress in Washington

Diedre Walsh, CNN – September 20, 2016

Ivanka Trump will join female Republican House members and senators Tuesday in Washington to promote the GOP nominee’s proposals on child care, in a continued effort by father’s presidential campaign to reach out to women voters.

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Ivanka Trump on Her Father’s New Child Care and Maternity Leave Policy

Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan – September 14, 2016

At the forefront of his outreach efforts has been 34-year-old Ivanka Trump, an executive at the Trump Organization and mother of three, who talked about the importance of supporting working mothers in her RNC speech and was a major influence behind the proposal. Ivanka helped Donald Trump announce the plan on stage in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night and wrote an op-ed detailing specifics of the new policy, published in the Wall Street Journal. spoke with Ivanka over the phone Wednesday morning about her father’s new family leave and child care policy.

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Donald Trump Unveils Plan for Families in Bid for Women’s Votes

Nick Corasanti and Maggie Haberman, New York Times – September 13, 2016

Donald J. Trump unveiled a menu of proposals on Tuesday to help working parents, calling for six weeks of mandatory paid maternity leave and expanded tax credits for child care.

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With Softer Tone, Trump Touts Childcare Plan with Ivanka

Eli Stokols, Politico – September 13, 2016

Donald Trump made an overt appeal to the women voters he is struggling to win over, outlining a family leave plan for new mothers and flushing out a proposed childcare tax credit that he says were both inspired by his daughter, Ivanka.

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Is Ivanka for Real?

Hannah Seligson, Huffington Post Highline – September 7, 2016

Not long after her parents’ very public, very mortifying divorce, an adolescent Ivanka Trump sat with her father in the back of his private plane, waiting to leave New York for Palm Beach. The doors were closed and the engines were on, but they were still missing Marla Maples. Donald’s second wife—the woman he had left Ivanka’s mother for—was late. She was always late. This drove Donald crazy.

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Ivanka Trump’s Advice for Working Women

Kate Shellnutt, Vox – September 6, 2016

I chatted with 20 of these loyal readers and half a dozen of Trump’s Women Who Work partners, in addition to perusing every post on her site from the past four months. hits the major millennial touchstones: a page of inspirational quotes ready to be pinned and Instagrammed; pretty images paired with each daily post; and taglines that reference adulting, life hacks, and mompreneurs.

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Ivanka and Jared’s power Play

Lizzie Widdicombe, New Yorker – August 22, 2016

But the Trump campaign is not without secondary figures. Rather than a Karl Rove or a David Axelrod, his true inner circle seems to be his family, especially his adult children. It’s nothing new for the children of Presidential candidates to lend a hand. George W. and Jeb Bush worked alongside Lee Atwater in their father’s 1988 campaign. Al Gore’s daughters were well-spoken surrogates. The five Romney boys—those square-jawed Mittlets—gave strategic advice to their father. But it’s different with Trump, because, as the political historian Julian Zelizer observed recently, the Trump kids “seem at points to be the only people in the room.”

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Ivanka Trump’s Fingerprints are all Over Donald Trump’s New Child Care Plan

Libby Nelson, Vox – August 11, 2016

Hidden in the middle of Donald Trump’s big speech on the economy was something rarely spotted in his unconventional campaign: an actual policy proposal. “My plan will also help reduce the cost of child care by allowing parents to fully deduct the average cost of child care spending from their taxes,” he said.

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