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Is 2016 a Watershed Moment for Women?

Politico Magazine – October 13, 2016

Gender has just exploded as a central issue in these final weeks of the presidential campaign, as Americans prepare to elect either our first female president or a man facing allegations of sexual assault from multiple women across many years. Since the release last week of the 2005 tape capturing Donald Trump’s lewd comments about kissing and groping women, contestants of Trump-owned beauty pageants, a reporter and a Trump Tower employee, among others, have publicly accused the mogul of sexually harassing or assaulting them. Trump, for his part, has denied the allegations and has tried to focus attention on women who once accused Bill Clinton of sexual misbehavior.

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Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Escape Health Conspiracy Theories

Clare Foran, The Atlantic – October 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton health conspiracy theories will never go away. Over the years, they have mutated into different forms, each with highly suspect amateur diagnoses. The rumors have even been contradictory and inconsistent. But through it all, unproven and debunked claims have served as a convenient shortcut for critics who want to delegitimize Clinton without bothering to engage on the merits of her actual record.

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How Hillary Clinton Found her Voice Through Coaching

Victoria Lambert, The Telegraph – October 9, 2016

The Democrat candidate’s vocals have emerged as a turn-off among voters and commentators. Her voice has been accused of many crimes: it is too shrill, too deep, too artificial, too enunciated. She is too Southern, not regional enough, falsely hokum when it suits. The voice is too loud, too irritating and – somewhat inevitably – too female.

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Hillary Clinton is a 68-year-old Woman. And Plenty of People Hate her for it.

Petula Dvorak, Washington Post – October 6, 2016

There’s misogyny, and then there’s the ageist misogyny that older women face. That under­current runs very deep in our culture, and it’s one of the reasons the haters hate Hillary Clinton so deeply.

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Is Voting for Hillary Clinton a Symptom of Low Testosterone? This Florida Doctor Says, Yes.

Cleve R. Wootson, Jr., Washington Post – October 5, 2016

Dareld Morris frequently doles out medical advice on his practice’s Facebook page, trying to drum up business for his weight-loss clinic. “Did you know that eating when you are anxious or upset can cause digestive problems?” the Florida doctor asks in one post. Another posits that “brain fog” may point to a hormone imbalance. His latest advice has a political twist. In a radio ad airing in South Florida, Morris says the persistent urge to vote for Hillary Clinton may be a sign of a troubling lack of testosterone, the steroid hormone that regulates masculine traits.

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15-year-old Asks Clinton About Trump’s Comments on Women

MJ Lee and Dan Merica, CNN – October 4, 2016

At a Hillary Clinton town hall in rural Pennsylvania on Tuesday, it was a 15-year-old girl who put Donald Trump in the hot seat. Brennan Leach, who took the microphone to ask Clinton the first question of the event, wanted the Democratic presidential nominee’s thoughts on body image — and more specifically, what Clinton makes of the things her opponent has said about women’s looks.

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Ivanka Trump Says a Woman’s Most Important Job is Being a Mother

Dayna Evans, New York Magazine – October 3, 2016

As the Trump train hums steadily along, the one family member who stood even the slightest chance of appearing normal has fallen prey to Trumpian antics again. In a campaign video for Trump’s alleged plan for paid maternity leave (not paid family leave, mind you), daughter Ivanka begins by asserting, “The most important job any woman can have is being a mother.”

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‘It’s Not Right’: Mothers and Daughters See Own Struggles Reflected in Hillary Clinton

Megan Carpentier, The Guardian – October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton made much of her relationship with her mother and daughter when she launched her campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2015. A year later, before she took the stage at the 2016 Democratic convention to accept that nomination, she was introduced by her daughter, along with a short, Shonda Rhimes-directed video that delved into her relationship with her mother.

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Divided America: Gender Equality in 2016? It’s Complicated

David Crary, Associated Press – October 2, 2016

For weeks after the vote, the abuse kept coming: Venomous, sexist phone calls and emails, venting rage at the five women on Seattle’s City Council who outvoted four men to derail a sports arena project. “Disgraceful hag” was one of the milder messages. “Go home and climb in the oven,” one councilor was told. This unfolded not in 1966, during an era when American women mobilized en masse to demand equality, but 50 years later in May of 2016 — two months before the first woman was nominated to lead a major party’s presidential ticket.

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Trump And The Testosterone Takeover Of 2016

Danielle Kurtzleben, NPR – October 1, 2016

It’s true that Trump isn’t unique in branding himself as manly; many past candidates have touted their guyness as a positive trait. However, Trump has created his own uniquely aggressive, tough-guy image on the trail, and he is wielding it in an unsubtle, uncoded manner unlike anything seen in recent elections.

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