How Gender Plays a Role in the Mind of Voters

Krista Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson Public Mind Poll – October 13, 2015

When voters are reminded of the wage gap between men and women, male candidates benefit more than the two women in the race. Sixty six percent of those asked about the pay gap before the candidate preference question favored male candidates, with 59 percent of those asked about the gap afterwards favoring men, too. This suggests that priming voters to think about gender inequity makes them favor male candidates more than when pay inequity is not fresh in their minds. Conversely, twenty-three percent of the pre-pay gap respondents favored a female candidate, compared with 32 percent who were asked about differences in pay between women and men after expressing their candidate preference. Voters, therefore, gravitate toward female candidates less often when gender inequity is discussed before they identify with whom they support.

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