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As Trump Stumbles with Women, Cruz Turns to a New Weapon: His Mom

Holly Bailey, Yahoo! Politics – March 31, 2016

Ted Cruz has made no secret of his adoration for his father, Rafael, whom he calls his personal hero. In speech after speech, the Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful has recounted for audiences the story of how his father fought for freedom in Cuba before escaping to the United States to embrace the American dream. Rafael Cruz’s biography has been the emotional and inspirational bedrock of his son’s bid for the White House, and as such, he has been one of the senator’s busiest and most recognizable campaign surrogates.

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How Can Hillary Clinton and Other Female Politicians be ‘Likable Enough?’ A New Study Offers Guidance.

Amber Phillips, Washington Post – March 31, 2016

Luckily for Clinton (and every other woman aspiring to public office), there are tangible ways female politicians can convince voters they’re both qualified and likable. That’s according to the nonpartisan Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which attempts in a new study to pinpoint exactly how voters measure this hazy, intangible quality of likability among women officeholders, so they could give such advice.

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Clinton Criticizes Sanders for Dismissing Trump’s Abortion ‘Punishment’ Gaffe

Abby Phillip, Washington Post – March 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton had plenty of harsh words for businessman Donald Trump after he made — then took back — comments suggesting that women should be punished for seeking abortions. But on Thursday, she also criticized her rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for suggesting that Trump’s comments were getting too much attention.

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Accomplished Woman Hillary Clinton Gets Nice Haircut, All Hell Breaks Lose

Emma Gray, Huffington Post – March 31, 2016

On Wednesday morning, Page Six reported that Clinton spent $600 whole dollars — the horror! — on a haircut at a high-end salon in New York City. Clinton, who is running for President of the United States and is a former First Lady, also committed the cardinal sins of (1) having “a huge entourage in tow,” and (2) “being ushered through a side entrance.”

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What Some Men Have Against Hillary Clinton

Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post – March 30, 2016

Democrats could name the first female presidential nominee from either party in the summer, while the Republican nominee could be a man who can’t seem to stop offending women with public comments about how they look. Perhaps more than in any previous presidential election, a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could turn into an extended national debate about women’s place in society.

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Sanders: I Don’t Understand Trump’s Appeal to Women

Nick Gass, Politico – March 30, 2016

After the show played a clip of a woman expressing why she supported Trump for his “transparency,” CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Sanders whether he understood Trump’s appeal to women. “I do,” Sanders began, before quickly correcting himself, “Well, it’s not only—no, I don’t understand his appeal to women. I don’t think he’s particularly popular with women in general. You can’t go around insulting women everyday and expect to gain support.”
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Trump: Fields a ‘Very Aggressive Person’

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill – March 30, 2016

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday did not let up in his criticism of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, calling her a “very aggressive person” in an attempt to defend his embattled campaign manager, who is charged with simple battery.

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