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Hillary Clinton Is Held to a Higher Standard on Race Because She’s a Woman

Brittney Cooper, Cosmopolitan – February 29, 2016

Like many left-radical voters during this election season, I find myself conflicted. I like Hillary Clinton and unequivocally think she is the most qualified candidate to sit at the head of American empire. But my like for her has far less to do with policy and far more to do with something more ephemeral and affective. I like bawse chicks and badass women. I like a woman who can roll into a room full of ego-driven, testosterone-fueled dudes, and tango like she was born for it. Call it the feminist in me. Call it the badass in me. I see this in Hillary and game recognize game.

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For Black Women in South Carolina, It’s Clinton’s Turn

Nikole Hannah-Jones, New York Times – February 26, 2016

The four, all black women in their late 60s or early 70s, counted themselves among Mrs. Clinton’s most ardent supporters eight years ago. But whenBarack Obama emerged as a leading candidate during the 2008 primaries, Mrs. DeBose and her friends had to make an agonizing choice between supporting a candidate who could become the first female president, or the one who might become the first black one.

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Is Hillary Losing the Women’s Vote? Nope. Here’s How the Gender Gap Really Works.

Barbara Norrander, Washington Post – February 26, 2016

Is a gender gap between women’s and men’s votes helping Hillary Clinton win in the Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses? Media reports on this have misconstrued exactly how the gender gap works.

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Why Aren’t We Talking About How Boys And Men Feel About A Woman President?

Soraya Chemaly, Role Reboot – February 26, 2016

A recent study of more than 1,700 students showed that college-aged men consistently underestimate the intellect and abilities of their female peers and over-estimate those of other men. Last year, another study of high school students conducted by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education showed even more disturbing findings: When indicating a preference for student leaders, students—all of them—showed the most confidence in young white boys and the least confidence in young white girls. The study included almost 20,000 kids from across the country.

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Outside Money More Potent Issue than Gender in 2016

Ken Thomas and Emily Swanson, Associated Press – February 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton could be the nation’s first female president. Bernie Sanders warns of the role of super PACs in politics. While the two themes have become a big part of their primary contest, Americans view the issues very differently.

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Why a Female Presidential Candidate Could Never Be Like Bernie Sanders

Scarlet Neath, Marie Claire – February 26, 2016

Sexism in the 2016 election is more subtle, but no less present. The talk about Clinton’s physical appearance has been replaced with ad nauseam questioning of her likability andtrustworthiness. But what makes this sexist pill harder to swallow is that the person giving her a serious run for her money is unapproachable, unaccommodating, and unkempt: Bernie Sanders.

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Men’s Voices Dominate Political Ads, But Voters Listen to Women

Rachel Ehrenberg, Science Direct – February 26, 2016

The analysis of political ads from the 2012 and 2010 U.S. Congressional elections, published last year in Political Communication, revealed that the choice of narrator in campaign ads indeed reflect gender stereotypes associated with various issues. (Shocker, I know.) The research also revealed that while a female narrator voiceover is perceived as more credible in certain contexts, campaigns ads overwhelmingly use male voiceovers to convey their message.

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South Carolina Feminists Want Woman President Who Isn’t Clinton

Esme E. Deprez, Bloomberg Politics, February 25, 2016

As South Carolina prepares for Saturday’s Democratic presidential primary, Clinton’s quandary is how to win over young voters — particularly women — when the enthusiasm she needs in a general election is so linked to support for her 74-year-old white male opponent.

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America Loves Women Like Hillary Clinton–as Long as They’re Not Asking for a Promotion

Sady Doyle, Quartz – February 25, 2016

Yet it seems odd that even when Clinton ascends to ever-greater positions of power—from first lady to senator, from senator to secretary of state—we start liking her again once she’s landed the job. It’s not her success that seems to arouse ire, but the act of campaigning itself.

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