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Ted Cruz Mocks Hillary Clinton for Scaring Voters with the “Condom Police”

Alan He, CBS News – November 30, 2015

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Monday evening ridiculed idea that Republicans were waging a “war on women,” calling it, “made up nonsense.” “Last I checked, we don’t have a rubber shortage in America,” Cruz joked in response to a question at a town hall in Bettendorf, Iowa about his stance on contraception.

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Does Hillary Clinton Have the Women’s Vote Locked Up?

Elizabeth Chmurak, Fox Business – November 30, 2015

There is no mistaking that Hillary Clinton is on a mission to become the first woman president of the United States. The Democratic front-runner is putting her experience and gender into focus on the 2016 campaign trail. “This time around Hillary is honestly being more of herself. She is willing to talk about her experiences as a woman living in what is still largely looked at as a man’s world and that experience might be a benefit and a credential to her leadership,” said Kelly Dittmar, a scholar at Rutgers University’s Center for American Women.

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Hillary Clinton Praises Latin America for Electing Women Presidents

Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News – November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton helped launch a Washington, D.C. think tank’s new center focused on Latin American women leaders with a suggestion the U.S. take a cue from its southern neighbors on electing women presidents. “It may be predictable for me to say this, but there’s a lot we can learn from Latin America’s success at electing women presidents,” said Clinton, who if elected could be the first woman to serve as president of the U.S.

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Carly Fiorina Says it’s Fair Game to Criticize Planned Parenthood

Jane C. Timm, MSNBC – November 30, 2015

Asked on “Fox News Sunday” whether rhetoric like hers against Planned Parenthood could incite violence, Fiorina said, “This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don’t agree with the message.”

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Warren is Missing Link at Clinton’s Dinner with Women Senators

Gabriel Debenedetti, Politico – November 30, 2015

Summoning 13 female Democratic senators to a high-profile fundraiser-cum-endorsement summit just a half mile from the Capitol on Monday night, Hillary Clinton’s campaign wasn’t shy in its goal of showcasing the front-runner’s wide backing among the party’s leaders, and its women in particular. But the Brooklyn-based operation knew full well that the one Democratic woman senator who wasn’t there would cast a long shadow over the Hyatt Regency and the evening’s festivities: Elizabeth Warren.

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Hillary Clinton’s Often-Told Story that NASA Rejected Her Childhood Dream of Becoming an Astronaut

Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Washington Post – November 30, 2015

According to NASA and some space historians, the message in the response that Clinton claims to have received is consistent with NASA policy and the agency’s attitudes toward the possibility of female astronauts at the time. It is debatable whether the tone of the letter Clinton describes fits NASA’s response to girls or aspiring female college students in the early 1960s. NASA could not authenticate the one 1962 letter that exists in cyberspace that appears to confirm Clinton’s account, though the agency says it has no reasons to doubt it is a genuine NASA letter.

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Yes She Can: Why Hillary Clinton Will Do More For Black People than Obama

Michael Eric Dyson, The New Republic – November 29, 2015

What can Hillary Clinton do for black people as president? She possesses neither her husband’s performative charisma with black folk, nor Obama’s undeniable blackness. She must instead wield the sort of power that politicians would, in a better world, solely rely on: public policy. If we were betrayed by Bill Clinton, and suffered dashed hopes under Obama, maybe, just maybe, we will get from Hillary Clinton what we most need and truly deserve: a set of political practices and policies that reinforce the truth that black lives must, and do, finally matter.

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Hillary Slams Republicans on Guns, Abortion After Planned Parenthood Attack

Bradford Richardson, The Hill – November 29, 2015

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton late Sunday launched a multi-pronged assault on Republicans following the shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo., calling for more stringent gun control and heightened protections for abortion rights.

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Is Hillary Clinton’s Challenge a Glass Ceiling or a Glass Curtain?

Alan Rappeport, New York Times – November 25, 2015

In seeking to break through the “highest, hardest glass ceiling,” as Hillary Rodham Clinton deemed the potential election of the first female president in 2008, the Democratic presidential candidate first must break through with voters, a challenge she is having trouble overcoming, according to a recent focus group of Ohio voters.

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What Happened to Carly Fiorina?

Jane C. Timm, MSNBC – November 26, 2015

Whatever happened to Carly Fiorina? After a series of standout debate performances, the former Hewlett-Packard executive has recently been all but invisible in the GOP 2016 field. At the same time, the super PAC working to be her ground army has struggled to turn early Fiorina fans into committed voters.

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