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Democrats Like Hillary Clinton. Her Problem is That They Don’t Love Her.

Chris Cillizza, The Fix – August 31, 2015

It’s easy to look at Hillary Rodham Clinton’s slide in the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll — she lost 20 points worth of support in the Democratic caucuses — and assume that Iowa voters just don’t like her very much.

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Is Hillary ‘Likable Enough’?

Jules Witcover, The Baltimore Sun – August 31, 2015

Seven years ago, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, in a New Hampshire primary debate, was asked about her personal appeal. Her prime opponent, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, cheekily interjected: “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”

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Is Joe Biden Getting a Gender Advantage?

Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine – August 30, 2015

If Clinton actually craters, Biden might make sense. But until then, it’s fairly safe to say that Clinton would be likely to crush him in competition, and the temporary blindness — to his faults and her strengths — shows us how strong the possibility of narrative redemption and persistent affection is for a guy like Biden, emphasis on “guy.”

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Hillary Clinton Secures Backing of Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire

Amy Chozick, New York Times – August 30, 2015

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the popular Democrat from New Hampshire and the first woman to be elected senator and governor in the state, will publicly endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton next Saturday, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said.

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Clinton Relishes Role as Champion of Women’s Rights

Nia-Malika Henderson, CNN -August 29, 2015

It’s the war on women all over again. But this time, the language is more strident and the presidential candidate making the case can credibly say it’s a personal issue and not just a political talking point. While Clinton later dropped the controversial wording from a later speech, the contrast will be a staple of her speeches as aides see it as central to her appeal and electoral chances.

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Hillary Clinton on Her Hair: I Know ‘What Donald Is Going Through’

Shushannah Walshe and Ryan Struyk, ABC News – August 28, 2015

The day after Donald Trump asked an audience member to prove his hair is real, Hillary Clinton brought up the topic in her speech to top Democrats today. “A lot of people have said a lot of things about my hair over the years, so I do kind of know what Donald is going through,” she said to laughs from Democratic leaders at their summer meeting in Minneapolis.

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Hillary Clinton: ‘The Hair is Real, the Color Isn’t.’

Jeremy Diamond, CNN – August 28, 2015

One day after Donald Trump brought an attendee up on stage to inspect his hair, the Democratic front-runner joked about her own hair, saying she does “kind of know what Donald is going through.” “If anyone wonders if mine is real: The hair is real, the color isn’t. And come to think of it, I wonder if that is true for Donald, too,” Clinton quipped Friday at the Democratic National Committee’s summer gathering in Minneapolis.

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Bobby Jindal Slams Hillary Clinton: Foundation Raised Money From Countries Terrorizing Women

Susan Berry, Breitbart – August 28, 2015

“Before Hillary Clinton talks about the treatment of women, she should take a look in the mirror and reflect on her own actions,” he continued. “Her foundation has raised money from countries that prevent women from driving, legalize spousal rape, and allow for genital mutilation.”

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Trump Suggests Top Clinton Adviser Shared Classified Secrets With Husband

Philip Elliott, TIME – August 28, 2015

“Think about it. So Huma is getting classified secrets. She’s married to Anthony Weiner, who is a pervert. He is. So these are confidential documents,” Trump said, taking his typical asides to add tangential information. “If you think that Huma isn’t telling Anthony—who she is probably desperately in love with, in all fairness to Anthony, because why else would she marry this guy? Can you believe it? She can’t see straight. Think of it.”

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Hillary Mocks Trump Over Claim he Would Be ‘Far Better’ on Women’s Issues than Her’

Francesca Chambers, Daily Mail – August 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton says she’d relish going head-to-head to with Donald Trump over women’s issues next fall. Mocking Trump, the Republican front-runner, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, today, she noted that he yesterday said she doesn’t ‘have a clue’ about ‘women’s health issues’ and he would be a better advocate for women than her. ‘That’s a general election debate that’s going to be a lot of fun,’ she said.

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