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A Woman Should Run for President Against Hillary Clinton. Or Many Women

Rebecca Traister, New Republic – June 25, 2014

So how do we catapult out of this cusp period? Having a woman in the White House would certainly help. But in advance of that, and perhaps just as crucially, other women in the Democratic Party need to do what they’ve so far shown no stomach for: They need to challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

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‘The Hardest, Highest Glass Ceiling’: Hillary Clinton on the Chances of Electing a Female US President

Ed Pilkington, The Guardian – June 21, 2104

American women face a tough battle as they seek to shatter the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” – the election of a female US president – because of the enduring double standards in politics, Hillary Clinton tells the Observer today.

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Women’s Work: The GOP’s Glass Ceiling

Halimah Abdullah, CNN – June 4, 2014

The path to the presidency is especially challenging for Republican women and it contrasts sharply with Democrats who – as buzz grows around Hillary Clinton – may be poised to nominate the first female presidential candidate of either major party.

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